Flight lessons in Whitianga at the MBAC. You can learn to fly at etremely resonable rates in an RV12 with local instructors.


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You can also download the pilot training information and training appendix for more detailed information. 



Microlight training with resident ATO for BFRS, check flights etc. with less medical restrictions then a PPL license you can FLY FOR FUN!

Further information can be found on the RAANZ website.


Microlight Pilot Certificates are generically known as a 'microlight licence' and are issued by RAANZ on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority. As all microlight pilots are required to belong to a microlight organisation, you need to hold such a certificate at all times when flying microlights.

With a Fixed wing Microlight Pilot Certificate you are entitled to fly Microlight aircraft that are lower than 600kg. New generation Microlight aircraft offer improved handling quality, reliability and running cost efficiency. Most modern microlight aeroplanes today can comfortably travel at speeds around 100-120 knots (180-220km/h) and have a range in excess of four hours allowing flight from one end of the country to the other with just one stop! Some even come equipped with retractable undercarriages and autopilots. Microlights are limited to two seats, and can be flown during the day only. There is still plenty of traditional microlights around too, offering an aviation experience at a slower pace with the wind in your face.

The Mercury Bay Aero Club has a VANS RV12 for Microlight training. It is a high performance aircraft that is a lot of fun to fly. It cruises at 100-114 knots and has a stall speed of 39 knots. Great for training and taking on cross countries.

There are 3 stages to a Microlight pilots Certificate:

Novice Pilot Certificate

A Novice Pilot Certificate from RAANZ is a 'licence to learn'. This allows you to fly solo in the local area under the supervision of one of our instructors as you gain valuable solo experience towards your Intermediate and Advanced Certificates. To fly solo, you need to be a member of RAANZ, hold a medical certificate that your own GP can issue and be 16 years of age - but you can start learning at any age.

Intermediate Pilot Certificate

An Intermediate Certificate is an ideal qualification for pilots who just want to fly 'low and slow' machines around the local area. You need 25 hours of flying experience and passes in five short written tests followed by a flight check with one of our Senior Instructors. Then you are free to fly around the local area within a 10 nautical mile radius of the airfield. Once you have 35 hours of solo time, you can apply to have a passenger rating.

Advanced Pilot Certificate

The RAANZ Advanced Pilot Certificate is the Microlight equivalent of a Private Pilot Licence for small aeroplanes. You can fly anywhere in New Zealand that your plane lets you and if you have 35 hours solo time, you can hold a rating to take passengers too. You need to meet all the requirements of an Intermediate Licence, but also have completed a 10 hour cross country navigation training syllabus. If you already have (or have held) a PPL or higher, you will be issued with an Advanced Certificate.

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